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How long can you survive? the ENDLESS HORDE

The horde is here to eat your brain and murder every single one of your scientists. Gather your forces, this is the last stand before we lose the facility! Place guards, close doors, and position traps. Survive as long as you can!

Endless Horde is a Tower Defense game where the enemies spawn in different areas every time you play, don't get too comfortable with a strategy or they will overrun you in no time! Each wave is a different experience.


  • Position your units and secure the perimeter. Think strategically!
  • Level up! Unlock new units and upgrades.
  • Enemy spawns are randomized every wave. You get a different experience every time you play!
  • Place different types of traps. Explode, burn and freeze the undead!
  • Barrels within Doors - Sometimes you can place a barrel within the area of a door. Causing zombies trying to reach it get stuck.
  • Zombies and walls - Rarely, zombies trying to get to their target will get stuck trying to walk tru a wall. Kill it or give him a new target.
  • Blocked pickup - Sometimes a pickup may spawn over a unit, which could block it when clicked. Click several times to pick it up.
  • Removing units- The X cursor to remove units suddenly stops working


  1. Difficulty Balancing
  2. More in-game Help
  3. Level Balancing
  4. Spicing up the late waves


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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Hello! I wonder - which engine you're using in development?